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Business Services

Turkish / US Company Profile (CP)

The Turkish / US Company Profile provides the ultimate access for markets commencing with contacts and enables launch probing instantly.

The CP report harmonizes your company's products, services and requests with possible partners and customers in Turkey. By means of our set of connections of far-reaching contacts in Turkey, we shall identify possible strategic partners and provide you with a detailed profile of pre-qualified prospects.

CP observes a broad list of distributors, joint venture partners, manufacturer's representatives and others, in respect to contact instantly to the uppermost prospects to review your company's product line and marketing goals.

Typical CP gives you

  • Full contact details of the prospect, including name, address, contact numbers, e-mail and website addresses.
  • Name and title of the key contact at each company.
  • Each prospect's opinion of the potential market for the client's product or service and the possibility of successfully signing an agreement, licensing arrangement, or joint venture.
  • Payment: $250 TACCI Service Fee + $19.62 Turkish Consulate Fee = $269.62 TOTAL

All CP reports are drafted on the basis of exclusive requirements of each client and the information contained therein is not revealed to any other sources.

Cost & Delivery: $250 (per profile) & 20-30 business days

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Market Research (MR)

Expand your business getaways to Turkey or USA by ordering special market research report you save time and money! Our highly-qualified specialists will conduct research and furnish you with a final report, which will provide you with insight into the market in Turkey or USA.

A typical report will include:

  • Overall marketability of a product or service
  • Market trends and size
  • Market entry requirements, regulations, product standards and registration;
  • Market entry requirements, regulations, product standards and registration;
  • Potential strategic partners, agents or distributors.

Cost & Delivery: $1000-$5000 & 30 to 60 days.

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Executive Meeting Service (EMS)

The Executive Meeting Service (EMS) is a customized executive meeting program for business travelers to Turkey or USA.

You will be able to meet specific prescreened industry and government contacts in line with your company's objective. This trip will include a customized market & industry briefing prior to your business trip and appropriate follow-up afterwards.

The service fee for up to three appointments is $750. An additional fee of $250 is charged for each additional appointment.

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